Driving Performance by Developing Relationships

"Action and adaptability create opportunity." - Garrison Wynn

"Engagement is not something we do in addition to our work, but rather it’s how we work." - Jeff Tobaben


Whether it’s employees or clients, retention is a key factor in the financial and overall success of an organization. Research indicates very clearly that teams and managers influence the overall retention of relationships – both employees and clients.

Wynn Solutions offers the following learning modules/sessions to assist your organization in establishing key systems and practices that equip you to grow and retain critical relationships.

"You don’t need to have all the answers, but you should have all the questions."
Jeff Tobaben

Ready to Win

SMART Planning

This is a 13 Step Strategic Planning Process that walks Leaders and/or teams through an approach to business planning.

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Talent By Design

Building Job Profiles

This content is designed to help organizations think about how they build more impactful job descriptions that result in hiring the right talent rather than searching for unicorns.

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Defining Our Message

Building an Employment Brand

In this course, we guide participants in evaluating/refining their organization’s Mission, Vision and Values.  We facilitate them working through establishing non-negotiables and how to build a workplace that stands for something.

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Selecting for Talent

Behavioral Interviewing

During this breakout, we will guide organizations on how to build a consistent and repeatable interviewing system that allows hiring managers to ask the right questions to evaluate candidates.

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Preparing to Achieve

On-Boarding for Success

So many organizations do a poor job of on-boarding new team members.  During this course, we will outline key areas to address milestones to achieve for new team members.

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Elevating Your Talent

StrengthsFinder Discovery

The Gallup StrengthsFinder Discovery course is a high energy, fact paced and fun learning program. Participants begin to understand the assessment and how it applies in their everyday life. This course is rich with activities and lively discussion. The course helps participants understand their talents and how to apply them to the critical activities in their role.

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Our research shows a definitive link to business performance by understanding how to engage team members and clients. Wynn Solutions offers insights on how to ready your culture to deploy engagement as a business strategy and not just a survey. Engagement is how you manage team members and how you organically grow your client base.

"Client Satisfaction is really the absence of dissatisfaction."
Jeff Tobaben

"Price becomes most relevant in the absence of a relationship."
Jeff Tobaben

Creating a Foundation of Success

Introduction to Employee and Client Engagement.

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Client-Focused Systems

Relationship Engagement Workshop

Participants will learn the difference between engagement and satisfaction.  We help participants understand how creating a client-focused operation pays dividends.  We also give a blueprint for the elements that must be in place to create a client-focused culture.   This course can be delivered in B2C or B2B environments.

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Influence in Action

Employee Engagement Strategies

This course helps organizations see how to deploy employee engagement as a strategy to drive business performance.

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Closing in on success

Strengths-Based Sales

Leverages the Gallup StrengthsFinder and links the participant’s talents to the critical activities of their sales and client management roles.

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Sales Accelerator

ACURE Communication Model for Salespeople

In this course, participants learn how to handle difficult situations/objections by leveraging our proprietary communication model.  This valuable sales approach helps sales team members to become trusted advisors to the clients they serve.

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What do the best leaders do differently? The Gallup Organization identified seven foundations of leadership.

  1. Build Relationships
  2. Develop People
  3. Lead Change
  4. Inspire Others
  5. Think Critically
  6. Communicate Clearly
  7. Create Accountability

These foundations keep and attract employees and enhance business performance.

Making Your Stand

Deploying Mission, Vision, Values in Your Culture

This course discusses how you develop Mission, Vision and Values and create non-negotiables that your organization uses as standard operating procedures.

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Ending Unwillingness

Breaking Down Silos

How to create clear expectations and clear communication practices between departments.

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Leveraging Like a Leader

Strengths-Based Leadership

This course assist leaders in understanding their individual leadership strengths. Leaders will learn how to leverage their strengths to meet the demands of leadership.

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Alignment across an organization is critical to success. Making certain that teams, departments and individuals know what’s expected of them is vital to organizational performance. These sessions assist in reducing “silo-ism” and increasing collaboration.

Overcoming Obstacles

Five Barriers to Team Performance

Gallup identified 5 common barriers to team performance.  During this course, participants will learn about the 5 barriers and begin to determine if those barriers exist in their day-to-day work environments.  Wynn Solutions will facilitate through the barriers and help participants determine next steps in removing the barriers.

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Creating Collaborative Partnerships

Interdepartmental Communications

Silos. They exist in every organization. But why? The answer is surprisingly simple, yet people find it difficult to resolve.  This session helps teams with a simple and effective methodology for creating collaboration between departments.

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Creating Collaborative Partnerships

Strengths-Based Communication

Having trouble communicating with others?Do you wish that you were better understood? The Wynn Solutions team walks you through the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment and how your results impact your communication style.

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Your most talented stars have sharp points, yet teams should be well-rounded.

Wynn solutions uses the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment to build high-performing teams.

“Helping people to develop their own brilliance is much more effective than just giving them yours.” Garrison Wynn

"Helping people to develop their own brilliance is much more effective than just giving them yours." - Garrison Wynn

Collaboration in Action

Strengths-Based Teams

This course is for managers and/or intact-work teams.  All participants must have completed the StrengthsFinder assessment.   We will provide team reports and help managers and/or teams to learn how to build high performing work teams.

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Principle before Personalities

Highly Engaged Teams

During this session, showing teams how to use engagement principles as a template to solve day to day business problems.

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"If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near." - Jack Welch

"The true definition of treading water is controlled drowning." - Garrison Wynn

“The true definition of treading water is controlled drowning”. Garrison Wynn

Wynn Solutions provides this module to help your organization launch change initiatives successfully.

The Brave New World

Engaging Teams for Change

This course provides organizations / teams with key points to consider in announcing and implementing new solutions / ideas.Key points include communication strategies and team engagement discussion points.

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More information on employee engagement is available here.